Top 10 Features of Upcoming Google  Pixel Watch 2

Equipped with advanced multi-path sensors and Google AI smarts 

1. Unmatched Heart Rate Tracking 

A powerful new quad-core CPU paired with a low-power co-processor keeps things running smooth.

2. Enhanced Performance 

 Pixel Watch 2 introduces innovative safety features. 

3. Safety First 

Go beyond heart rate  with a suite of new  sensors. 

4. Deeper Health Insights

Pixel Watch 2 boasts a rapid charging system that fuels your watch to 50% in just 30 minutes. 

5. Supercharge Your Day

The Pixel Watch 2 is crafted with 100% recycled aluminum, making it lighter and more comfortable to wear.  

6. Sustainable Style 

A larger, redesigned digital crown offers improved navigation and control. 

7. Customizable Comfort

The Pixel Watch 2's always-on display keeps the time, notifications, and fitness stats readily visible 

8. Always-On Display 

Pixel Watch 2 keeps you connected to the world.

9. Seamless Connectivity

Access advanced health and fitness tracking features, personalized guidance, and a supportive fitness community 

10. Fitbit Integration