10 Animals That Can Swim, Fly and Walk

These waterfowl are the ultimate all-rounders. Their webbed feet propel them through water, while powerful wings take them to the skies. 

  1. Dabbling Ducks

While penguins can't fly in the traditional sense, their wings have transformed into flippers, making them exceptional swimmers.  

2. Tuxedoed Torpedos 

These coastal scavengers  are at home in all three environments.  

3. Beachside Brawlers 

The epitome of aquatic beauty, swans are powerful swimmers with webbed feet. 

4. Elegant Gliders 

Pelicans are large water birds with incredible wingspans. 

5. Pouch Perfect

They can stretch out a furry membrane to sail through the air between trees. They're also adept climbers and walkers. 

6. Not-Quite-Flying Friends 

These seafaring giants have the largest wingspans of any bird.

7. Albatross Aces 

These agile seabirds are masters of aerial acrobatics.

 8. Diving Dynamos

Guillemots are seabirds that spend most of their time swimming and diving for fish 

9. Cliffside Dwellers

The animal kingdom is full of incredible creatures that have adapted to thrive in all sorts of environments. 

10. Amazing Adaptability